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We have Russian traditional food and also some international disches and national food of our region. We are cooking for you with love.

Cafe, located on the territory. Capacity: 70 pers.
Average price: 400 rubles. Opening hours: from 8:00 to 2:00.   We have one more extra room inside of restaurant, for the private celebration , or private quiet lunch or dinner . We also organize for u early breakfast, lunch , dinner , and during the day we have always some nice fresh disches, which we have in our menu . It’s also possible to order breakfast in the room . The price for all day inclusive breakfast , lunch , dinner 1000 rubles. The breakfast alone 200, lunch 450 and dinner 350 rubles.


Borsch is beet soup, on meat broth. also potatoes, fresh cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, beef, spices, dill, parsley, pepper. this is a very tasty soup, rich in vitamins. with a sour cream. national dish of Ukrainian and Russian kitchen .

Cabbage Rolls

Meat or vegetable minced meat with boiled rice and / or buckwheat, wrapped in cabbage or grape leaves.Cabbage rolls are always made from minced meat with rice, in a cabbage leaf, served with mashed potatoes or simply in tomato sauce.


This is a national Buryat dish ( the special kind of the food in this region ), the basis of which is the tender meat of pork and beef, wrapped in unleavened pastry. Steamed and served with soy sauce and mustard

Shish Kebab

Pork shish kebab with vegetables is a wonderful combination of tender pork fillet with fresh vegetables. Also the favorite dainty of guests is a shish kebab from chicken fillet


From Baikal fish Omul . Can be made from any fish, but it’s the most delicious of our Baikal omul. Fresh fish from Baikal’s purifying water cut into small pieces, peppers, onions, salt dill and olive oil. Very light and delicious appetizer.


Pancakes with different fillings. Pancakes are traditional pastries of Russian cuisine. Pancakes with red caviar, pancakes with minced meat or pancakes for breakfast with jam or sour cream.


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